Athlete(s) Involved: Josh Coppins and Rui Goncalves


MX 1 - JOSH COPPINS - Feeling stronger and stronger as the weeks have been going by, Josh was hoping to continue climbing the ladder slowly but surely.  Unfortunately, in Race 1, Josh's foot slipped off the pegs and he kind of rode over it with the back wheel, spraining his ankle.  In much pain, he pushed on as hard as he could to the end.  In the Race 2, with the help of Pain Killers, he still gave it his best shot.  He faught up there with the best of the guys, but ran into some technical problems, which set him back quite a bit. Better luck at Lommel Josh.

RACE 1 - 1st. M. Nagl, 2nd. K. de Bycker, 3rd. C. Desalle..... 6th. Josh Coppins

RACE 2 - 1st. A. Cairoli, 2nd. M. Nagl, 3rd. D. Philippaerts......7th. Josh Coppins

GP - 1st. M. Nagl, 2nd. A. Cairoli, 3rd. K. de Dycker......7th. Josh Coppins

WORLD STANDINGS - 1st. A. Cairoli (428), 2nd. M. Nagle (375), 3rd. D. Philippaerts (363), 4th. C. Desalle (345), 5th. Josh Coppins (343)

MX 2 - RUI GONCALVES - On a high from winning last weekend in Latvia, Rui was set to give it his all once again, and come out tops.  Roczen gave him a run for his money, and instead of going overboard and maybe making a mistake, Rui decided to settle for 2nd in the first Race, and maybe take it from the start in the 2nd race, knowing how fit he was, he knew he would be stronger in the 2nd heat. Rui proved it once again, in the 2nd race he charged ahead from beginning to end with a fantastic victory winning him the GP overall. This now leaves Rui only 23 points behind the Championship leader. Well Done Rui, you are the man!

RACE 1 - 1st. K. Roczen, 2nd. Rui Goncalves, 3rd. S. Frossard

RACE 2 - 1st. Rui Goncalves, 2nd. G. Paulin, 3rd. D. Gaurneri

GP - 1st. Rui Goncalves, 2nd. K. Roczen, 3rd. G. Paulin

WORLD STANDINGS - 1st. M. Musquin (371), 2nd. G. Paulin (358) 3rd. Rui Goncalves (348)