Surfing - World Qualifying Series: RipCurl BoardMasters (Newquay, England; 5 – 10 August 2008)


Athlete(s) Involved: Davey Weare


Davey Weare came into this contest ranking 5th in the World.

He had an awesome week in Newquay.

Going into the Quarter Finals he was leading the contest, and this heat was a nail biting experience, it was one of the closest results in the contest.  Davey was surfing against Malon Lipke, who was getting the better waves throughout the heat.  Malon was placing himself in a priority position to stop Davey from catching any waves, but in the last 2 min. Davey caught a wave and pulled off a 360 manoeuvre – winning him the heat.

Semi Finals - The surfing conditions were deteriorating. Davey and Wiggley Dontes were battling it out together. Davey unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was unable to catch any waves of value forcing him out of the contest.

Awesome Result though 4th Overall.  Keep it up Davey….You can do this!!!!

He is now off to France next week.