DAVEY WEARE - Qualified for the 2009 WCT


Athlete(s) Involved: Davey Weare


Davey Weare has finished 6th Overall on the WQS Surfing Circuit, this means, he has qualified for the 2009 World Surfing Championship Tour.

This has not been an easy year for Davey, travelling all over the World, he has had to keep focused, motivated, passionate and dedicated to his sport and family.  He really worked hard, and went the extra mile to achieve his goal.  We are very proud of him, and know that he is going to be a strong contender on the World Championship Tour next year.

These are some of Davey's best 2008 results.

2nd - Volcom VQS Finals - Speciality Event - Durban - South Africa

1st - O'Neill Scottburgh Pro, 3A PST - South Africa

1st - Quicksilver Pro Africa 6* Prime WQS - Durban - South Africa

3rd - O'Neill Highland Pro 6* Prime WQS - Thurso - Scotland

3rd - Rip Curl Pro 5* WQS - Newquay - UK

6th - 2008 World Qualifying Rating

WCT Top 45 - 2009 World Championship Tour

1st - ASP Africa Rating for 2008