Budd’s Creek (USA; 11th and 12th July)


Athlete(s) Involved: Brendon Fleming


At the beginning of 2008, Brendon said that he would like to race at Budds Creek in the USA. We checked the race calendar and saw that it fitted into our race schedule.  

With a broken Collar Bone after the Springfield National, we thought that this dream was shattered, but three weeks later, after ten hyperbaric chamber treatments, he was back racing again.

Going all this way to the States, Brenden thought he better make the most of it, and decided to sign up for Friday motocross, in the supermini and 85(12-13) class, Friday night supercross, supermini and 85 (12-13), Saturday night supercross, supermini and 85(12-13). These are all individual classes scored on a one heat format. Friday morning was practice on the motocross track which was really cool as Sunday the pro’s would be racing the same track. Brendon was impressive around here being the only 85 to jump the finish table out of a right hand corner in practice.

His first race, supermini mx , he got 3rd into the first corner and last out of the second corner after crashing into a fallen rider at the second corner. He worked his way up to 5th in the six lap race. Next was 85(12-13). Second into the first corner and that’s where he stayed for the remainder of the race. His stock bike was a little underpowered on the loamy uphills. Even with the VP fuel. He rode well.

Friday night supercross, Brendon had been looking forward to riding this track and it showed in practice. He found a good rhythm and looked very comfortable. Brendon found a good line and speed through the whoops, which would stand him in good stead later on.

First race 85 (12-13) Brendon holeshoted on his D.C.Suspensioned, stock bike and proceeded to check out by half a lap over the six lap race. It all looked too easy and he won comfortably.

Second race was the supermini class. Once again Brendon got the holeshot, but this time had a shadow big wheel mod 85 “rashing” him for four of the six lap race. After four laps Brendon pulled a decent gap to finish first. A good days racing, which finished at around 11:30pm.

Saturday morning was a late start for us, in getting to the track at 10:00am to watch the Pro’s free practice, an absolutely awesome experience for any motocross lover. After the overwhelming experience, it was the amateurs turn to complete the Saturday night Supercross, which commenced at 7:00pm (it was light till 8:00pm). First heat again was the 85(12-13). This time around Nate “The Great”, local hot shot, who won the motocross 85 race, was on the line. Brendon once again got the holeshot, but had his nose wiped by Nate in the second turn. This unsettled him for two laps, when he found his rhythm again and blitzed past Nate on the whoops. Not having anything like these whoops to practice on, Brendon showed courage, hanging over the back of the 85 pinned. He later told me he couldn’t see them properly because of the shadows, so he just pinned it. (maybe a training technique, do whoops at night first)

Supermini race was coming up at around 11:00pm. I was tired at this stage and nervous as Brendon was on the verge of winning his 4th supercross race in the States. There was also a lot of hype flying around and many kids around Brendon in the pre race paddock. My nerves settled a little after another holeshot, and a steady ride ensued, with another comfortable win in the supermini’s. After the racing we went to find dinner, everything was closed except for a Burger King drive through, at half past midnight in La Plata.

So, six races, a 5th, 2nd and four 1st ‘s , four weeks after breaking his collar bone, and six trophies, is what we came away with at the Pro National Weekend at Budds Creek. Sunday was spent watching Villopoto and Stewart dominate in the lites and MX class from the Parts Unlimited hospitality tent. Thanks to Hilton Beattie from Parts Unlimited for the tickets to the pits and hospitality areas.

A huge thank you to Russell White for Brendon’s conditioning and barring any further bad luck we look forward to a successful remainder of 2008.

Yours in MX

Andrew Fleming