The first South African Motocross National has come and gone, and everyone now knows what they still have to do to get better results next time around.

RICHARD VAN DER WESTHUIZEN - Had a flawless day taking 1st Overall in both the MX1 and MX2 Classes.  His fitness is on top form. Well done Richie, you make me proud.

BRAD WOODROFFE - Had the worst luck of the day. !st Race crashed out 3 times, and 2nd Race the gate mul-functioned.  He is re-focusing and hopes to do better in Bloemfontein.

JC DE BRUIN - Had mechanical problems, but is feeling good, and looking forward to Bloemfontein.

BRENDEN FLEMMING - Had mechanical problems in the first Race, but still managed an 8th Place, and the second Race he won overall.  He knows that his fitness is there and he is having lots of fun. Well done Brends, you can do it!

NANDA SWEIGERS - Managed 2 first places, but not without a fight though.  Keep up the good work Nands.  Consistancy is what makes Champions.