MX 1

Wow, what an exciting day for Josh Coppins today.  He managed 2 faultless 2nd places.  He rode hard, kept level headed when pressured, and made no mistakes to achieve 2 solid 2nd places, which gave him the GP win.  Now being 1 point behind the World Champion Leader, is giving him huge motivation for next weekend in Turkey.  Well done Josh, you deserve this WIN! Keep up the good work and you will acheive.

RACE 1:   1st Ken de Dycker, 2nd Josh Coppins, 3rd Max Nagl

RACE 2:   1st Jonothan Barragon, 2nd Josh Coppins, 3rd David Phillipaerts

GP:   1st Josh Coppins, 2nd Jonothan Barragon, 3rd Ken de Dycker

WORLD STANDINGS:   1st Ken de Dycker (60), 2nd Josh Coppins (59), 3rd Tanel Leok (55)

MX 2

This was a lot of bad luck for Rui Goncalves. Rui had a fantastic start in the 2nd race, which saw Shaun Simpson and Rui running 1st and 2nd for a few laps. Rui unfortunatley had no back brakes for both races, and really battled to keep it together.  However, he kept on at it and never gave up, which shows the true charactor of a champion.  Rui, I wish you all the best for Turkey, and you make me proud to not have given up. It is only the start of the season and we still have a long way to go.  You can do this, I know you have the speed and the fitness.  Well Done.

RACE 1:   1st Marvin Musquin, 2nd Gauntier Paulin, 3rd Nicolas Aubin, ....12th Rui Goncalves

RACE 2:   1st Steven Frossard, 2nd Gauntier Paulin, 3rd Marvin Musquin, .... 6th Rui Goncalves

GP:   1st Marvin Musquin, 2nd Gauntier Paulin, 3rd Xavier Boog, .... 9th Rui Goncalves

WORLD STANDINGS:   1st Gautier Paulin (69), 2nd Marvin Musquin (65), 3rd D. Gauneirs (50, .... 11th Rui Goncalves (24)