MX1 - JOSH COPPINS had a day of mixed emotions.  Josh was still recovering from a bit of concussion from the fall he had at Faenza, and was not feeling too well for 2 weeks coming into Valkenswaard.  He was resting a lot to try and get over it, so was not 100%.  Considering how he was feeling, he was quite happy with his end result.  The first Race he was really battling to get his rythm, his head was a bit fuzzy, but he kept it in control to the end, taking 10th overall.  In the second Race, he tried to re-group and focus on doing the best he could.  He had a much better race, and towards the end was starting to feel a bit better and managed to pass a couple of people, securing 5th Overall.

RACE 1:   1st. A. Cairoli, 2nd. M. de Reuver, 3rd. J. Barragon......10th. J. Coppins

RACE 2:   1st. J. Barragon, 2nd. T. Leok, 3rd. A. Cairoli, 4th. K. Strijbos, 5th. J. Coppins

GP:   1st. J. Barragon, 2nd. A Cairoli, 3rd. T. Leok, 7th. J. Coppins

WORLD STANDINGS:   1st. A Cairoli (143), 2nd. J. Barragon (128), 3rd. K. de Dycker (124), 4th. D. Philippaerts (118, 5th. J. Coppins (112)


MX2 - RUI GONCALVES was a very proud man after todays racing.  He has had bad luck in the first 3 GP's, having experienced mechanical problems at every race.  Well the tables have now turned, and Rui can show how good he really is.  He never had good starts in both races due to the gate pick from Saturdays qualifying race where he sustained more bike problems, but that did not worry him at all, beacuse he new that if his bike held together, he could get out front. In the first race he slowly but surely passed the guys one by one, With one lap to go, he was just behind a back marker and Shaun Simpson, and I think if the race was a bit longer he would have got passed them, but he fell on a corner just before the Pit Lane.  Fortunately they had quite a lead, and he managed to get up quickly without losing any places and finished 2nd. behind Shaun Simpson.  In the second Race, he also pulled through pretty quickly, and about halfway through the 40 min. Moto, he was out front and never looked back again.  This gave him the overall GP win for the day.  Well done Rui, you deserve this WIN today.

RACE 1:   1st. S. Simpson, 2nd. R. Goncalves, 3rd. D. Gaurneri

RACE 2:  1st. R. Goncalves, 2nd. N. Aubin, 3rd. S. Simpson

GP:   1st. R. Goncalves, 2nd. S. Simpson, 3rd. D. Gaurneri

WORLD STANDINGS:  1st. G. Paulin (140), 2nd M. Musquin (125), 3rd> D. Guarneri (111) ......8th. R. Goncalves (78)